“Compact Art”

My Compact Art series was partially inspired by my interest in the work of self-taught and folk artists who utilize found objects in their work. I am a great collector of things that can be made into other things: bottle caps, broken china, and rusty metal.

My interest in politics is the driving force behind this work–a belief in the importance of speaking out on issues that concern me. Martin Luther King said that he feared silence more than hate. With hate you know where you stand but silence is a betrayal. For me, it is wrong to be silent.

The title Compact Art is a play on both the size of the pieces (little works on big issues) and on them being constructed in makeup compacts (commentary itself on our cultural obsession with beauty and youth). Each piece is about a current issue that is politically charged, often because of its relationship to unbridled capitalism or to deeply complex moral issues. The transparent wording is meant to draw viewers to their own reflection in the mirror–asking them to form an opinion and act on the issue at hand.

The first three pieces will be included in Studio Place Arts upcoming show, Fault Lines. “Artists explore the current political climate and the resulting fractures in institutions and elsewhere in our world that threaten discontinuity at many levels.” The show runs from May 14 – June 29, 2019.
Opening Reception: Thursday, May 16, 5:30-7:30PM.

Hope to see you there!