Three New Works Added!

Well, it’s been awhile since I’ve added any new work to my website. So I’m happy to say, “Here it is!” The medium for these works is pastel on sanded paper. The piece above is as yet untitled but I’m referring to it as “Grand Lookout” because that’s the name of its location. This is a spot on the Millstone Trails circuit that offers a spectacular 180° view of the valley surrounding Barre, VT, including Camel’s Hump. Do visit Millstone if you’re ever in central Vermont. It’s a great place to hike/bike/ski and you’ll get a unique view into Barre’s granite history. Also, right around the corner, visit Rock of Ages to tour a working quarry. The current technology for harvesting granite is pretty amazing. (All this reminds me that I’ve got to finish the quarry painting I’ve been working on!!!)

I think I blogged about this piece already but I’m posting it again because I recently had a high-resolution scan made of it at Slide Specialists (they make giclée prints for me too). This painting is also untitled. I’m referring to it as “Near Chelsea,” a beautiful spot on the First Branch of the White River near The Orange County Parent Child Center in Tunbridge, VT.

Above is the final painting in this batch. This is a commission for a dear neighbor, their home enveloped in a sweet spot of trees, flowers, and long summer light. Thanks to Charley Freiberg for photographing this piece.

I hope you enjoy these landscape paintings!
Anne Leeds
artist, educator