Words, Words, Words! I Struggle to Title Paintings.

I always struggle with titling my work. Pictures come far easier to me than words.

I asked several colleagues for their suggestions to title this piece. One person told me that I just needed to “feel” the title. Yeh, right! My paintings don’t happen by “feeling” them. They happen through hard work!

Then, on my commute home, I figured, “What the heck? What’s it going to hurt to try?”

I really thought about this little painting, trying to keep at bay any constraints or expectations. And, low and behold, I began to better understand it. It’s about the way I feel after a long gray winter. Spring–the days lengthen, my energy is revitalized by spending more time outdoors, my desire to create is strengthened. And, the sun shines and warms my face just as it does this daffodil’s.

“Renewal” is the title I came up with. Perhaps not brilliant but a first step, apropos and satisfying.

Anne Leeds
Artist, Art Educator

P.S. Shout out to my brother, John, who is inspired when it comes to title suggestions!

“Renewal” will be up for auction at the Justin Smith Morrill Homestead’s annual “Minis for Morrill” fundraiser, July 1.

Anne Leeds, "Renewal," 4"x 4", acrylic on canvas, 5/2016.

Anne Leeds, “Renewal,” 4″x 4″, acrylic paint on canvas, 5/2016.